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Target Current Yield
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Target IRR

3-5 years

Holding Period

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Private credit (or private lending) consists of senior loans to large companies and properties that aims to deliver higher yields with lower overall risk when compared to equity investments.
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Why Invest In a Private Credit Fund?

Private Credit is an all-weather strategy with the potential to generate superior risk-adjusted returns relative to traditional fixed income markets.
 This is the golden era of private credit investing.
Cash yields generated by private credit securities are often higher than traditional fixed income due to an illiquidity premium available in credit markets
Skilled fund managers can generate strong risk-adjusted returns through thoughtful underwriting and security selection
Senior secured loans and other private credit securities often provide an inflation hedge due to the floating interest rate nature of credit investments
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Strong tailwinds exist for private credit due to the regional banking crisis. This provides an ideal backdrop (likely strong vintage year) to place credit investments along with a sustained opportunity set for the foreseeable future

Why Is Vintage Private Credit Fund A Compelling Opportunity For You?

The Vintage Private Credit Fund allows investors to access some of the largest alternative investment managers in the world. Investors are typically unable to invest with these operators directly.
Vintage Capital has created an efficient vehicle to invest with a diversified group of institutional-quality credit managers offering favorable economics to investors.
Offering Type
Highly diversified private credit fund
Target IRR
11-13%  based on today’s lending environment
Target current yield
8%, paid monthly 
300 underlying loans: U.S.-focused. diversified across industries
No Performance Fee
All profits passed on to investors
No lock-up, investors may submit redemption requests quarterly
Minimum Investment
Underlying investment holding period
3-5 year typical weighted-average life of underlying investments
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Who Can Benefit From This Fund?

Real Estate


High Networth Individual

Couple Whose Combine Income
Is $300K

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Leadership Team

Vintage Capital is an alternatives investment manager formed by partners who are experienced real estate owner‐operators with over $200M in assets under management through various investment vehicles
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Brad Johnson

co-founder & CIO

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Who Should Invest?

Cryptocurrency investors
1031 Exchange investors
Investors who recently sold or are selling real estate
Investors with portfolios or concentrated positions of appreciated securities
Investors who recently
sold or are selling a business
Private equity principals or investors who exit investments
Hedge fund portfolio managers and proprietary traders

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